SimplyLids allows for more authentic coffee experience with safety of lidSimply Lids ( has designed a lid that lets the to-go beverage consumers have a “straight from the mug” experience without the mess. This new way of enjoying your coffee on the go not only lets you experience the aroma of the coffee through the unique placement of the drinking hole but it’s also splash resistant so you’ll have fewer stained shirts and burns.

“The disposable coffee lid industry has been stuck on these lids that only provide a tiny

hole to drink out of that completely eliminates any type of aroma experience. Remember the famous coffee commercial where someone is holding a mug of coffee and, with eyes closed takes a deep breath in to enjoy the aroma of the coffee? That’s the exact experience that’s currently being left behind,” says John Newman, creator of Simply Lids. Fortunately, Simply Lids is on the forefront of bringing this experience back to the on-the-go consumer. It’s like drinking from a mug but with the safety of a lid.”

In addition to its revolutionary design, Simply Lids offers Simply Tab™ that easily slides open and closed to maintain temperature and avoid splashing. This tab allows for marketing opportunities with Adsert™ where companies or events to add their logo, promotions or coupons to literally get in front of the customer.

The drinking experience isn’t the only thing Simply Lids is focused on. Sustainability is a huge concern; especially since plastic coffee lids are blanketing landfills.

“Consumers on the go want to dispose of their cups when finished but don’t want to feel guilty when doing so,” says Newman. “Simply Lids currently uses recyclable materials that are enhanced by adding 30% renewable material. This added renewable material allows us to use less energy in producing our products and makes them more sustainable.”