The Mettler-Toledo ( Safeline SideChek x-ray inspection system was developed specifically to deliver effective cost-effective production line x-ray inspection of products in vertical packaging such as bottles, cans and canisters. Two models are available: the SideChek 200 with a 200 mm height inspection area and SideChek 300 with a 300 mm height inspection area.

The SideChek system inspects metal, glass, rigid plastic and fiberboard containers and can reliably detect contaminants that include metal, stone, glass, bone, high density plastics such as teflon and rubber compounds like viton, that can lead to brand image damage and possible liability lawsuits. Contaminated containers are automatically rejected from the line before they can leave the facility. The system’s full color 15-inch TFT touch screen user interface and intuitive software simplify operation, with no time-consuming manual changeover operations or specialized knowledge about x-ray inspection technology.

TheseSideChek models provideanexcellentlevelofdetectionfor awide varietyofnon-washdownapplications, including food, beverages and dry products in sealed containers.Thesystem’smodular designincludes auser interfaceandprocessor thatarecombinedintoan easilyremovablesingleassembly.RatedNEMA 4/IP65,theequipment’s sanitarydesignenables easyaccess toallmachineareas andcanbe quickly disassembledfor cleaningwithouttheneedfor tools.

Theprimarybenefit ofthe SideChek inspection system topackagers is theprotectionitoffers againstconsumer dissatisfactionor injurythatcanleadtoloss ofmarketshareandpossiblelegalaction.The benefits offeredbySideChek equipmentover competitiveinspection equipmentincludeminimaltrainingrequirements,faster linestartups and changeovers,andreducedcosts for training,operation,maintenanceand sanitation.