Zip-Pak (, the global leader in resealable solutions and equipment, will be showcasing several of its zipper applicator systems at Fispal Technologia 2013, June 25-28 at booth number I-173 in the Anhembi Pavilion. Representatives from the company’s newest facility, located in São Paulo, Brazil, will be in attendance to present the company’s complete range of zipper and zipper applicator solutions that accommodate flexible packaging for a wide range of consumer products.

The technical team from Zip-Pak Brazil will be demonstrating three of its Zip-Pak applicator systems to Fispal attendees: the 360 TDI Zipper Applicator, the Bolt-On Zipper Applicator, and the Standalone TD Zipper Applicator. Representatives from Zip-Pak Brazil will include Daniel Richena, commercial director, and Flávio Zampirolli, field service engineer.

Richena who oversees sales and marketing efforts for Zip-Pak Brazil says, “We’ve chosen to feature these three Zip-Pak systems because they are all high-quality, proven performers; they’ve been successfully used in other parts of the world for a broad range of product formats. Each one is easy to operate and integrates well into existing production lines.” Richena adds, “Given the growing regional interest in flexible packaging and resealable solutions, we are very excited to present these systems – and our complete range of resealable resources – to the Brazilian packaging community.” 

Zip-Pak’s newest plant, a 46,000 sq. ft. (3,502 m2) facility located in Cabreuva, São Paulo, Brazil, began commercial operations in February. The facility produces a large selection of resealable solutions, including string zippers, double track zippers, and flange zippers. All closures are ideal for form-fill-seal applications and are well suited for many consumer product categories including produce, baked goods, snacks, tortillas, cheeses, confectionaries, frozen foods and pet foods. As part of its “global to local” customer service commitment, the Brazil facility also warehouses and distributes many other zippers produced by Zip-Pak facilities in North America and Europe.

With the growth rate for the adoption of flexible packaging in Brazil among the highest in the world, the new facility enables Zip-Pak to greatly expand its product offerings and support services in the region, providing end-to-end flexible packaging closure solutions. “Having a local presence means that Zip-Pak can better serve and meet the needs of this growing and dynamic global market,” comments Richena. The Brazil location also allows Zip-Pak machinery, materials, and package design experts to offer ongoing consultation and field service to its Latin American customers, ensuring smooth operations.

Zampirolli and other Zip-Pak field technicians also consult with potential customers on ways to retrofit production lines to incorporate resealable packaging. As the only zipper supplier with an in-house equipment division, Zip-Pak’s engineering team can develop custom retrofit packaging systems, easing the transition to consumer-preferred resealable flexible formats, with limited capital investment.

Zip-Pak currently supports and supplies resealable products, technology and equipment to many leading multinational consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies that market to Brazil, Brazilian-based CPGs, and numerous other leading Brazilian brands.