As web-based learning is becoming more attractive and convenient for professionals looking to increase their packaging acumen, TricorBraun ( recently licensed  The Institute of Packaging Professionals’ ( online Fundamentals of Packaging Technology course.

TricorBraun becomes the latest organization to license IoPP’s online Fundamentals, joining companies including Kraft Foods, General Mills, Clorox, Ecolab, SGS International, Berlin Packaging and most recently, packaging students in Kenya, through a special training arrangement sponsored by IPACK-IMA and the Staples Foundation.

“Leading companies are beginning to understand the value of online packaging training, and how it can help keep their packaging teams cutting-edge, in a big way,” says Jim George, IoPP director of education.”

IoPP is providing TricorBraun with a secure, co-branded online portal that contains the company’s customized course catalog. The individual courses TricorBraun has placed in its catalog are available through its portal to preapproved employees at TricorBraun. Upon gaining access, these employees complete the packaging training on their computer screen. The courses are accessible whenever and from wherever they wish.

“TricorBraun is committed to providing comprehensive training for our employees that advances their careers and enhances our customers’ experience,” says TricorBraun president and CEO, Keith Strope.  “We are pleased to offer all our employees the opportunity to increase their packaging knowledge base, because the more we know about the components and processes related to packaging materials we provide, the more efficiently and accurately we can assist our customers.”

“The increased options for e-learning and online training have greatly expanded due to technological and communication bandwidth advances, and TricorBraun is delighted to have these professional courses conveniently available,” sayss Suzanne Fenton, CPP, Director of Marketing, TricorBraun. “IoPP has a long history of providing excellent learning opportunities, and the online courses now provide them whenever busy packaging professionals can grab a few moments to learn.”

To which Patrick Farrey, IoPP Executive Director, adds, “Online training clearly is becoming an increasingly important education option for professionals in the packaging industry and beyond. IoPP is pleased that a company of the stature of TricorBraun recognizes the value of our online training programs, and that they have selected IoPP to provide their training. It is significant that leading-edge companies on both sides of the aisle—consumer product companies and packaging service providers—are finding value for their employees in the convenience and self-paced learning that our Fundamentals online curriculum provides.”

IoPP’ s Fundamentals online course catalog comprises 42 prerecorded, self-directed lessons and 27 hours of learning covering all the major areas of packaging. Courses may be purchased individually or in topic bundles, and also in bulk through a corporate license