Crystal Geyser Water Company (, CGWC), manufacturer/distributor of Crystal Geyser Sparkling Mineral Water, Juice Squeeze®, Tejava® and Metromint, has announced its purchase of a 145,000 square foot bottling facility located on 266 acres in Mount Shasta, CA.

“Our new Mt. Shasta facility will greatly increase our ability to meet growing customer demands for our products,” says Doug MacLean, chief executive officer of Crystal Geyser Water Company.

The company’s domestic production began in 1977, and expanded to Japan exports in 2005.

“This site was selected for its pristine water source, and the ability to expand production as our distribution and sales volumes increase,” says Richard Weklych, executive vice president of CGWC. “Our protected spring is fed from Shasta-Trinity National Forest watershed, at the foot of Mt. Shasta, which climbs to 14,179 feet above sea level.”

“The Siskiyou County Economic Development Council is proud to welcome Crystal Geyser to our community,” says Tonya Dowse, executive director of Siskiyou County Economic Development Council. “This project is an example of how community collaboration, persistence, and dedication can positively affect our economy.”

“Crystal Geyser Water Company is a fantastic addition to both the Upstate region and our state’s economy,” says Kish Rajan, director of the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development. “Bringing manufacturing jobs and capacity to California, Crystal Geyser is an example of the kind of partners we want more of in the continuing economic rebound of the Golden State.”