Multisorb Technologies ( will be exhibiting at Process Expo, November 3-6, 2013, in Chicago, IL. The Multisorb Calculations through Operations® Program as well as its full suite of sorbent scavenger and emitter technologies will be featured at this premier show. The show, the largest in North America dedicated exclusively to the global food and beverage industry, provides food industry professionals an opportunity to experience a wide variety of manufacturing solutions that focus on processing and packaging applications.

The Multisorb Calculations through Operations program is a full-service, consultative approach toward delivering an optimized sorbent or emitter into your food packaging. With careful evaluation of your food product and packaging, Multisorb’s packaging and food scientists will provide a solution sized specifically to meet your needs. Various formats are available including packets; low-profile, self-adhesive sorbents; and solutions built into a polymer or film.

 When packet solutions are required for desiccation or oxygen absorption, the StripPax® and FreshPax Systems®, respectively, are the most efficient solutions for maintaining product freshness and extending shelf-life. The systems include optimized StripPax or FreshPax Sorbent Packets along with its respective corresponding dispenser. Multisorb StripPax and FreshPax Dispensers are built to specifications for your unique sorbent and production line, creating a reliable dispensing system. Since the dispensers are engineered specifically for the StripPax or FreshPax Packets, this systems approach to sorbent dispensing enhances productivity and minimizes overexposure of the desiccants or oxygen absorbers.