Now’s the time to switch to a thermal transfer overprinter (TTO) from Linx Printing Technologies (, with increased ribbon lengths of up to 20 per cent.

Longer ribbon lengths of 700m and 1200m mean users of the Linx TT5 or TT10 can code for longer before ribbon replacement, maximising production uptime and reducing costs.

Linx TT printers are trusted for their quick and easy operation and the longer ribbons, available in widths of between 20-80mm, are now among the longest on the market. They are available only through official Linx distributor partners listed on the Linx website.

Ribbon material remains just as strong as before and the optimised clutchless drive on the Linx TT5 and TT10 maintains tension without snapping. Downtime is reduced by cutting the frequency of stopping the production line to refit the ribbon in the cassette.

Previous ribbon lengths of 600m and 1000m are being extended to 700m and 1200m, an increase of 16 and 20 per cent respectively.

The intelligent design of the Linx TT range allows the ribbon to be used more efficiently with more prints per ribbon, leaving a consistent 0.5mm gap between ribbon prints, minimising the cost of consumables. A simple cassette design ensures that when it does need to be done, changing ribbons is quick and simple. An intuitive touch screen interface and full on-board diagnostics make the Linx TT range of coders simple to operate, whilst the ability to preview messages before coding further reduces errors and downtime.

The Linx TT5 is especially suitable for printing best before dates and batch codes onto packaging film and labels. The Linx TT10 has a wider ribbon and is perfect for printing longer messages including ingredients, logos and marketing communication.

Both models are ideal for coding onto flexible packaging, labels and gloss card in markets including snack foods, confectionery, bakery, chilled and frozen foods, meat packing and the pharmaceutical sector.

With options for either intermittent or continuous printing available in the same coder, the Linx TT Series offers superb flexibility. In the long term, this prevents the need for additional coder investment when production requirements change. In addition, Linx TTO coders can fit into many existing thermal coder bracketry arrangements, which means easy retro-fitting on production lines.

Linx Product Manager Jason Remnant says: “With longer ribbons, there’s never been a better time to switch to the trusted Linx TT range of printers.”