The InCycle® cup, produced by MicroGREEN (, was lauded by the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI), in conjunction with Quick Service Restaurant magazine. The InCycle cup won the prestigious top award for Performance Innovation, and was awarded for Sustainability Innovation.

The Performance Innovation Award is for design innovations that improve product performance, and was awarded to the InCycle cup for its insulation and durability, and the vast increase in functional temperature range MicroGREEN’s proprietary technology gives to recycled PET. The InCycle cup was awarded a Sustainable Innovation Award because MicroGREEN’s technology maintains the ongoing recyclability of recycled PET while lowering the amount of plastic used by over 50%.

We are deeply honored to receive the recognition from QSR/FPI for Performance and Sustainability,” says Tom Malone, CEO of MicroGREEN. “Performance, quality and sustainability are core values for MicroGREEN, and they encompass all that we do and create. These awards confirm that the InCycle cup is a breakthrough product in a commoditized market – a great, insulating cup founded on both sustainability and affordability is the key to rapid acceptance in this market”

Many customers – including RedHook Brewery and Alaska Airlines – have made the switch to the InCycle cup, the world’s first recycled and recyclable insulating hot and cold cup that fully address customers' need for affordable sustainability.

MicroGREEN is currently focusing on cups for airlines and quick-serve restaurants, where the InCycle cup answers the consumer’s call for a sustainable product, while delighting the brand owner with a low-cost cup with great performance that improves their consumer’s experience. Adds Malone: “We are a growth-stage company among giants in the packaging industry, but our innovative approach and innovative products are gaining significant traction and credibility in the marketplace.”