Giving your customers the best product often means exploring different solutions to make your company more efficient and more productive. Let’s say you have a high quality product and people want what you have to offer. Having the best product for the best price will require the right packaging for storing and transporting your products. Liquid food packaging, in particular, can be a tricky business that can make or break your product. There are leaks and spills, hygienic concerns, and of course, the need to maximize your time and resources.

You want to find a packaging solution that is effective and maximizes your time.

Whether you are selling jams or salsas, wines or soups, the right liquid filling technology can streamline the process and help you present your product to your customer just the way you intended, without the hassle or the mess.

There are some essential factors you should look for when you’re in the market for liquid packaging solutions that will promote safety and efficiency.

  • You will want to ensure that your company seeks a food grade machine that can be thoroughly cleaned with ease and convenience.
  • Be sure that the fluid path through this machine is made from food grade sanitary materials, such as tri-clamp sanitary fittings, food grade polymers and 316-stainless steel.
  • To ensure the highest hygiene standards for your machines, ensure that they can be sterilized at high temperatures.
  • The electrical and sensor systems should be designed such that they are corrosion-resistant and will never leak water, so as to withstand regular cleaning with detergents and chemicals.

Here are some effective liquid filling machines that provide reliable hygiene conditions as well as cost-effective filling methods for your products.

Juices, dips, syrups and mayonnaise

One cost-effective way to package your juices, dips, syrups and mayonnaises is by using a Servo Pump Filling Machine. It is highly versatile, user-friendly and hygienic. Most importantly, a computer controlled pump dedicated to specific output nozzles allows you to completely control any kind of product you would like to fill, regardless of container, product viscosity or volumetric accuracy.

It is a great investment for companies who have the potential to diversify their product range, as it would not be necessary to seek more machines or parts should you wish to change your product. As such, it is a highly popular filling machine in the food packaging operations industry.

Beverages and thin liquids

The Overflow Filling Machine will work effectively for both beverages and liquid-type foods. In terms of beverages, it is excellent at packaging non-carbonated drinks since these are very thin and fluid liquids. The overflow filling machine allows your product to be filled to the same level in its container no matter how variable its container is. Furthermore, for very affordable costs, this machine allows you to easily produce high output. One reason is how the machine requires minimal change in parts to fill a whole variety of container sizes in all kinds of temperatures.

In terms of using Overflow Filling Machines for liquid-type food product, it is a highly ideal solution for food products that have low viscosity and minimal particulates, such as salad dressings or syrups. You can even thin products like barbecue sauce and syrups further by filling them at high temperatures. Again, this machine allows you to ensure consistency in your products by filling all your containers to the same level.

High pulp liquids – juices & dressings

If you’re looking to fill products such as high pulp juices or salad dressing with larger food particles, a more ideal solution would be a Piston Filling Machine. These are machines that work much better with thicker liquid-type foods, or foods with high particulate content, because of the larger force a piston provides to push such products through its fluid paths. Furthermore, a Piston Filling Machine is equipped with a much more effective output system than the overflow filling machine nozzles. A Piston Filling Machine is much less likely to clog up thanks to its three way rotary valves. Furthermore, they provide fast and accurate output for high viscosity products.

High value liquids

It is more economical for pricier food or commodity products to be filled by weight. For example, it is important to not have an excess of olive oil because of its value, which is a problem a manufacturer can face when olive oil is filled in bulk. It is extremely easy to cause wastage due to the imprecise size of its containers and how variable the oil volume in different temperatures. Net Weight Filling Machines provide a lot more accuracy at a slower pace in order to maximize the capital costs of the product and prevent wastage.

Streamline your solution

The right liquid filling technology could make your product packaging, transporting and selling a breeze. There are customized solutions to suit your business’ needs.

Photo Credit: Hanzell Vineyards

Sam Lubus is the owner of Inline Filling Systems (, a USA manufacturer recognized as the market leader in the performance and design of high quality liquid packaging machinery.