To mark a year of robust growth, expanded market presence and continued investment in state-of-the-art research and development, Eagle Product Inspection (, a global x-ray inspection and fat analysis expert, has released a new website including a knowledge hub. This will provide food and pharmaceutical manufacturers with a wealth of information about technologies, trends, regulations and legislations in the product inspection market. 

The more engaging and user-friendly feel of the company’s new brand identity is reflected in its corporate website. The site equips food processors, manufacturers and packaging professionals with expert information on food quality and safety, and is supported by an easy-to-use search engine and a product finder that helps manufacturers easily find the best product inspection solution for their needs. Eagle has also introduced a robust knowledge base that provides food and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide with white papers, webinars, videos, essential user documentation, animations, data sheets and case studies that showcase the latest issues, trends and innovations in food inspection technology. As an expert in product inspection technology, Eagle will continue to develop its knowledge base to serve as a reliable source of information for industry professionals, providing a variety of data that will help visitors understand product inspection technology and applications specific to their industry.

Simon King, Global Head Sales, Service and Marketing, Eagle Product Inspection stated “Due to the fast-moving nature of this industry it is important for food manufacturers and processors to have advanced x-ray technology in place, but it is equally important to stay up to date with key industry information pertaining to regulations, technologies and other topics associated to the supply chain and its stakeholders. For this reason we will continue to expand our knowledge base in order to support industry professionals with crucial information.”