The CDC has estimated that 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by dirty hands. It has always been Meritech’s ( mission, as they have developed the many models of automated handwashing stations they offer, to prevent the spread of infectious disease due to improper hand washing and ineffective use of alcohol gels.

The CDC estimates that 49,000 people die from the flu or flu-like illness, 100,000 die from hospital acquired infections and another 5,000 people die from foodborne illness each year — and that the single most important means of protecting yourself and preventing of disease is frequent and effective hand washing.

Spring is finally here, and Meritech is showing its appreciation for a great year in 2013 and a great start to 2014 by offering 40% discounts on all automated handwashing systems ordered through June 15, 2014. It’s a great time for companies to upgrade their food safety procedures - with the warmer weather there are more concerns about foodborne illness and Americans are more aware of all of the nationwide food recalls – and Meritech systems are less expensive than many manual sinks.

This special program is a call-to-action by Meritech to all companies who want to join them in accelerating progress in public health through technology-based hand hygiene, and promoting better all-around hygiene to save lives and to prevent disease. This is also a demonstration of Meritech’s appreciation to all of its customers who want to add more automated handwashing systems in an effort to achieve the highest levels of hygiene and contribute to the public health and safety.

Meritech’s hand hygiene technology is being adopted by new customers in new markets every day, from cruise lines to theme parks, from corporate cafeterias and retail to restaurants and in more and more food production facilities that are striving to implement the highest food safety standards. Hand washing is the easiest and most effective way to have an impact on food safety and improved public health, and Meritech makes every hand wash effective by achieving a 99.98% removal/kill of dangerous transient pathogens. Meritech customers always exceed the standard for employee hygiene.