The use of eco-friendly hot stamp foils on beer bottles is now offered by Tri-S (Superior Screen Systems, This efficient new glass decorating process offers a variety of foiling colors without using toxic heavy metals or precious metals and can be applied without the need for oven curing. This is ideal for breweries looking to use foils in a cost effective way to enhance their bottle design and brand, while also providing an environmentally friendly channel in their supply chain.

Portland Brewing is the first company to utilize this new foil stamp process with its Imperial Mac’s Amber Ale 22-ounce bottles. The bottle design uses foil for the image of the brewery’s iconic kettles.

 Current methods to apply foil to glass bottles use a variety of metals depending on the foil stamping and must travel through high temperature ovens to adhere to the bottle. Tri-S takes a new eco-friendly approach by using aluminum overlaid with colored plastics to create each foil color. UV light quickly cures both the hot stamp foils and inks instead of ovens, allowing for bright consistent colors, durability, and finer detailing including the use of foil with fonts. This advanced UV bottle printing technology complements the sustainable efforts Tri-S embraces in all parts of its manufacturing processes.