Roberts PolyPro handle applicator
The continuous motion handle applicator can achieve a variety of pack configurations at up to 600 bottles-per-minute.

Roberts PolyPro offers a wide variety of handle solutions for both bottles and boxes that make it easier to pick up and carry products. The world’s largest consumer companies depend on Roberts PolyPro’s solutions to improve their packaging and make their products more appealing to consumers. Roberts PolyPro’s 100% recyclable bottle handles are ideal for carrying and bundling bottles of all shapes and sizes in any configuration, from single bottles to 2-pack handles to 6-pack handles. Roberts PolyPro also designs custom bottle handle solutions for almost any multipacking challenge. 

The latest generation of fully recyclable HDPE handles are thin, light, and strong and support sustainability efforts by reducing material consumption and improving cube utilization. Roberts PolyPro’s extruded handles and multipack carriers consume on average 5% to 35% less resin compared to injection molded products. Roberts PolyPro products are made from extruded HDPE resin and when used with either PET or HDPE bottles make the entire package — bottles and handle — 100% recyclable.

Roberts PolyPro orients multipack handles before shipment and in the case of single bottle handles uses a patented process of welding the handles together prior to shipment. On average, this process results in up to 40% more handles per pallet than loose handles shipped in bulk. The increase in units per pallet significantly decreases shipping costs, improves cube utilization, reduces the amount of corrugated board required, and lowers over-the-road fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The company also offers handles to fit just about any paperboard carton or corrugated box that might be difficult to lift off the shelf.

In addition to a wide variety of bottle and carton handle solutions, Roberts PolyPro offers paperboard converting equipment, which performs a wide range of functions such as feeding, vision scanning, tipping, liner spotting, folding/gluing, and window application.

Roberts PolyPro also provides a full range of handle application equipment, from entry-level manual applicators to continuous motion systems that integrate with packaging lines at a variety of speeds. Roberts PolyPro’s newest handle applicator, the continuous motion handle applicator, utilizes a continuous motion roll-feed design to achieve 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12 pack configurations at up to 600 bottles-per-minute. The continuous motion roll-feed design only requires one die per bottle neck size which reduces the cost of handle dies and lowers the machine acquisition cost. With the continuous motion handle applicator, operators no longer have to fill stacks of handles into a machine magazine. The handle rolls are changed by welding the end of the in-use roll to the beginning of the next roll with a push of a button. Each machine holds two rolls of HDPE handles that can be easily loaded onto the machine.


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