The Ionized Air System by Paxton Products provides a step change improvement in the sustainability of food and beverage filling applications, and other blow off and rinsing applications.  The Paxton Ionized Air System utilizes blower-driven air to replace water rinsing or compressed air rinsing of PET bottles (even narrow mouth bottles), other plastic and glass bottles, cans, and other product surfaces.  When replacing compressed air, energy usage is reduced by 40 - 75%;  when replacing water rinsing, water usage, filtration and disposal is eliminated.  The system has been successfully tested and qualified  using most common test media, including styrodots, cardboard dust and other particulates. 

Static charges will cause dirt, dust and particulates to adhere to container and product surfaces.  Water washing removes the debris, but is expensive with adverse environmental impact.  Compressed air-based static elimination systems use significant energy for compressed air generation.  The new Ionized Air System eliminates both water and compressed air, provides outstanding cleaning and uses significantly less energy.  Standard systems are available for both cans and bottles; systems for other container and product surfaces are readily custom-engineered.  Paxton’s Ionized Air Rinsers are currently available for both new rinse lines and field retro-fitting of existing can and bottle lines. Ionized Air Systems for other packaging, product surfaces and / or general commercial applications are readily custom engineered.

The Ionized Air System couples Paxton’s high efficiency centrifugal blowers with custom-engineered air delivery devices.   Paxton blowers carry an industry-leading three year warranty and they use 50% less energy than most other blowers.  The patent-pending design of the ionizing air delivery devices increases performance while reducing maintenance.  The Ionized Air Systems for bottles and cans will both be on display at Pack Expo, Booth #3406, in Chicago, November 2 – 5, 2014.