Designed for protection class IP69K and certified by EHEDG, the CL03 valve system can be installed directly in systems for the food processing industry, thanks to its design and the material properties. A separate control cabinet is not required. With the new CL03-XL version, the system is now available with a high flow rate of 1100 l/min for use with larger actuators. Its special plus: different valve sizes can be combined in the same unit. AVENTICS ( thus enables different flow rates in a single valve unit with a hygienic design.

With the CL03-XL variant of the CL03 valve system, operators can control larger cylinders or actuators for faster movements, without having to install a dedicated valve unit or separate individual valves for the larger consumer. The key is a uniform base plate where different valve sizes can be integrated at any position. There is no need for adapter plates, as the position and geometry of the air channels are identical in all valves, independent of their size. This reduces the installation effort. Users also profit from the design with integrated combination options, which requires just one control.

When only one valve unit is used instead of many, cleaning is a lot simpler. In wet areas of a system in particular, units have to be not only compact but also especially suitable for fast and thorough cleaning – the fewer components, the easier the cleaning. A single valve unit with different flow rate options, such as CL03/CL03-XL, is the ideal solution for such situations. Another advantage: tubing from the valve to the actuator stays as short as possible, and there is no unnecessary dead volume. That saves energy. The CL03-XL valve system can implement up to 32 pressure zones and is available with multipole or field bus interface. The electrical signal can be tapped directly and put to further use.

 The CL03/CL03-XL valve system's modular design and special materials have successfully withstood tests to measure resistance to a wide range of cleaning chemicals. The valve housing was designed in line with hygienic criteria to avoid joints, slots, or gaps. Classified in the high protection class IP69K, this valve system is ideal for cleaning at high pressure and high temperatures. Dirt deposits and related risks of contamination can thus be avoided. As a result, the system can even be used in areas where direct contact with food products is an issue.