Colordyne Technologies ( has improved the already superior performance of the 3600 Series with a new Aspen Memjet engine upgrade. The upgrade allows the CDT 3600 Sprint, CDT 3600 Rotary Pro and CDT 3600 Laser Pro configurations to run at speeds of up to 275 feet (84 meters) per minute with a resolution of 1600 x 1375 dpi at that speed. Actual speed will be dependent upon the print jobs’ inks, drying, substrate, operating adjustments and specific job limitations, but no other inkjet system can meet this resolution and speed.

Other benefits of the CDT 3600 Series include:

- Maximum material handling speed of 300 ft/min for future technology upgrades

- Enhanced print quality: send uncompressed files directly to the print engine

- More powerful RIP: faster data processing, RIP and print on-the-fly to eliminate time to first label

- Reliable user-friendly interface capable of running a wider range of applications

In 2014, Colordyne Technologies introduced its 3600 Series, which joined the company’s Production Class family of digital print system solutions as a full-featured process color digital label and tag production system. With an enhanced precision web handling system powered by Memjet™ technology, the 3600 Series made its mark as the next generation in digital color printing.

“This enhancement further exemplifies Colordyne’s commitment and ability to provide the fastest speeds and highest resolution at the lowest capital cost in the industry,” says Ron Brown, technical director, Colordyne.