Matrix Packaging Machinery (,powered by Pro Mach (, will showcase at Pack Expo East, February 16-18 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, the Mercury HS, a form-fill-seal machine capable of speeds up to 140 bags per minute, depending on the application. The moderately priced Mercury HS is the most highly demanded Matrix form-fill-seal machine due to its speed, dependability, and low annual operating cost – less than $1,000 per year. (Matrix Pack Expo Booth # 706)

Matrix will also display the rugged pre-made pouch filling/sealing machine from Toyo Jidoki, the TT-8D-N, and the compact, modular, and robust Inever BY300 multilane stickpack machine.

Mercury HS

The Mercury HS forms, fills, and seals bags with widths ranging from 1.75 to 11 inches (44 to 280 mm) and lengths from 2.5 to 15 inches (60 to 390 mm). Standard features include stainless steel construction, Matrix “SmartJaw” ST horizontal sealing technology, color touch screen operator panel, English/Spanish operator interface, and an Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC control system. Compared to other high speed machines, the Mercury has a small footprint, conserving valuable floor space.

Each Mercury HS offers a self-centering film drive down system, automatic edge guide film tracking, and short travel, angled incline film upwind, all of which contribute to precise film movement and trouble free operation. Tool-free quick-change core chucks help to ensure fast changeover between jobs.

Toyo Jidoki TT-8D-N

The Toyo Jidoki TT-8D-N fill-and-seal pre-made pouch machine is designed for stand-up, press-to-close, flat, flat bottom, and side gusset style bags. The TT-8D-N handles frozen foods, seafood, snacks, rice and other grains, noodles, pet foods, granular and powder products, and more. This machine incorporates Toyo Jidoki’s proven technology with flexibility for shaped pouches to meet changing presentations in the marketplace. The pre-made pouch filler sealer is rated at up to 55 pouches per minute, depending on the product. Pouch size ranges from 4.7 - 10.2 inches (120 - 260 mm) wide to 5.1 - 15.7 inches (130 - 400 mm) long. The machine is easy to clean and wash.

Options include:

  • Date printer 
  • Air squeeze device
  • Stand-up pouch bottom opening device
  • Nitrogen gas flush 
  • Seal area cleaning 
  • Zipper opening

Inever BY300

The Inever BY300 output ranges from 150 stickpacks per minute for a three-lane operation to 350 per minute with seven lanes. Widths range from 1.8 inches (45 mm) for three-lane operation to 0.67 inches (17 mm) for seven lanes. Lengths range from 1.18 inches (30 mm) to 8 inches (200 mm).

The BY300 features PLC control, brushless servo motors, and a touch screen HMI. The machine’s rugged ergonomic design allows easy cleaning and requires low maintenance. Available options include:

  • Laser, ink jet, hot foil printing
  • Laser scoring for straight-tear-line easy-open packs
  • Thermo printers
  • Embossed coding for variable data
  • Dust aspiration for powders
  • Collating/counting conveyors for cartoning
  • Integrated top load or end load cartoning
  • Mechanical cam drive
  • Patented “built-in” laser device for easy opening pre-cut