A new GS1 US Advisory Services (gs1us.org) program provides GS1 US members with customized technical and business expertise to address their unique GS1 Standards implementation challenges. The GS1 System of Standards, the most widely used information standards in the world, uniquely identifies products, services, assets and locations worldwide to support global supply chain visibility and efficiency.

The GS1 US Advisory Services program offers consultations, training and educational materials to provide GS1 Standards implementation guidance specific to a company’s needs. Areas of focus include: implementing the GS1 US National Data Quality Program; assisting medical device companies with the implementation of GS1 Standards to support Unique Device Identification; and standards implementation guidance to the foodservice industry. Services may also include business process mapping and analytics, data governance assessment and guidance, individualized education and training, and development of effective supplier on-boarding processes for GS1 Standards integration.

“Many of our members are faced with unprecedented challenges and a marketplace that is moving at lightning speed,” says Mary Wilson, vice president of advisory services, GS1 US. “Standards provide a common business language to help organizations innovate and operate more efficiently, but sometimes there are hurdles that are unique to specific organizations. GS1 US Advisory Services seeks to assist those who are looking to maximize the value from integrating GS1 Standards into their business operations.”

 The program is available to GS1 US members in a variety of industries including apparel, general merchandise, hardlines, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, grocery, fresh foods, retail, and foodservice. After a company has identified a business process challenge that requires GS1 US Advisory Services support, GS1 US develops a targeted plan of action, including customized training, to address those standards implementation obstacles.