Triangle’s ( Model XYS08 and XYM11U vertical form fill seal baggers now offer an optional Ultrasonic back seal in addition to Ultrasonic cross seal. Ultrasonic welding technology is ideal for leafy produce, cheese, confectionery, and other industries that require 100% seal integrity for an airtight product. In addition, customers enjoy savings on film and labor, higher output, and improved product quality.

On average, traditional heat seals measure 3/8-inch, while Ultrasonic seals can be as narrow as 2mm – a potential savings of 50-80% in the sealing area alone. For many types of products, Ultrasonic sealing also requires less headspace, thanks to its ability to seal through food particles. In addition, it significantly reduces leakers and rejects due to product in the seal. In many industries, such as produce, it may reduce or eliminate the requirement to manually inspect 100% of bags for leakers, resulting in improved labor savings and higher throughput.

Triangle’s X-Series VFFS Baggers not only offer the flexibility to seal bags with heat sealing or Ultrasonic welding, they also feature quick changeover of forming tubes, film rolls and sealing jaws, allowing users to run supported or unsupported film and multiple bag sizes and speeds. With the addition of optional Ultrasonic sealing on the compact Model XYS08, Triangle bagging machines can now provide Ultrasonic sealing on bag widths as small as 2.75-inch. Standard features on the Triangle X-Series include Rockwell Automation / Allen Bradley ControlLogix, AB Kinetics Servo Drives, and AB PowerFlex AC Drives.