JBT’s Food Processing Systems group continues to lead the world in developing and optimizing thermal processing for in-container sterilization.

Recently, JBT has developed a breadth of technologies that allow flexible packages to be run using a variety of sterilization technologies. These advancements have allowed processors to gain a competitive advantage, enabling them to produce the highest quality products at the most cost-effective price.   

The SuperAgi™ Retort has given, processors the ability to sterilize a wide range of flexible packaged products while maintaining the greatest level of flexibility. This technology features a range of process options to allow for water immersion, spray or saturated steam processing. The SuperAgi Retort can be operated manually or integrated into a fully automated system for continuous operation.

For superior, continuous in-container sterilization, JBT’s Rotary Sterilizer remains the industry standard. Offering expanded flexibility, the Rotary Sterilizer has evolved to handle single can applications as well as a wider range of container configurations, including litho, necked in and flexible containers.

Offering dependable high-volume sterilization, JBT’s Hydrostatic Sterilizer is suitable for mass production and multi-chain flexibility. Each chain can be dedicated for specific container sizes with dedicated process parameters.   

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