Integrated food packaging and processing solutions provider, tna (, launched the tna intelli-weigh® 0328 omega multi-head twin scale at Gulfood Manufacturing. The new scale is the first 28-head twin scale from the omega series and can be used in conjunction with either the tna robag® TTX, twin configuration robag TX  or twin configuration robag FX to accurately weigh and bag a wide variety of food applications. These twin configurations of the leading tna robagbagger combine two high-speed VFFS machines for reduced footprint, enhanced performance and increased productivity per available floor space.

Based on ground breaking multi-head technology the tna intelli-weigh 0328 omega scale features ultra-high speeds on a 3 litre capacity weigher, the world’s first auto-tuning function for easy operation and optimum control, and an inspection wizard that highlights periodic preventive maintenance routines. New individually adjustable collating chutes allow for high-speed discharge, utmost flexibility and enhanced product diversity, making it an ideal choice for large production lines and complicated application mixtures.

The tna intelli-weigh 0328 omega scale is capable of taking on 200 weighs per scale, and even up to 400 weighs per twin scale, depending on the application. The large product window also enhances the sealing process, contributing to the reduction of packaging waste during production. High accuracy minimizes product waste, improves yield and reduces power consumption by as much as 60% compared to conventional models.

Michael Green, managing director - tna, comments, “Speed and accuracy are especially important in production lines. With the tna intelli-weigh 0328 omega, we are now able to extend our offering of twin scales to our tna intelli-weigh omega series, enabling food manufacturers to achieve even higher levels of productivity with all the benefits of two high-speed single tubes in a twin format, all while significantly decreasing power consumption. Additionally, food manufacturers will also be able to simultaneously produce two different bag sizes and formats for additional flexibility.”

 For ease of operation, the tna intelli-weigh 0328 omega scale also boasts a new 12.1 inch color touchscreen monitor and self-explanatory user interface. The buckets are constructed in state-of-the-art material with special bonding techniques developed for space and aviation technology. Based on tna’s leading concept of simplicity in design, the scale comes with easily removable parts to facilitate maintenance, a polygon bucket shape that assists cleaning and a complete stainless steel design (Ip76) that allows for the highest hygiene standards.