Gulfood 2012 will see the global launch from packaging solutions supplier tna ( of the tna robag 3ci, representing the latest innovations in VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) technology.  An upgrade on the existing model, the new bagger offers unrivalled speed and precision, with improved and unique features to maximise plant productivity and waste reduction.  As well as the new tna robag®, tna will be exhibiting the company’s popular on-machine and closed loop oil seasoning solutions, the tna intelli-flav® OMS 3 and tna intelli-flav® CLO, plus horizontal and vibratory conveyors tna roflo ® HM 3 and tna roflo VM 3.    

Celebrating 30 years in the industry, the tna robag® and has since remained the industry’s leading VFFS machine reflecting the business’ core principles of performance, flexibility and simplicity.  With improved modularity and core component capability, it offers outstanding performance with throughput rates of 250 bags per minute, and improved visibility of operation with the new Graphical User Interface screen (GUI).  The tna robag is central to the production lines of many household names, where the high-performance bagger handles high volumes of sweet and savoury snacks, confections, cereals, pasta, powders, meat and poultry and fresh and frozen produce.  

Also available with tna smartdate®5 date coders and tna intelli-detect® 5 metal detectors, the new tna robag®  can be fully integrated up- and downstream onto existing lines and in synergy with other products from tna’s portfolio, such as tna intelli-weigh multi-head scales for precise and efficient weighing.  Further up the production line, tna’s, roflo® VM 3 series of vibratory and horizontal motion distribution solutions transport product so breakages or loss of flavours are minimal, while eliminating the risk of cross contamination. 

Efficient and accurate seasoning is achieved with the tna intelli-flav® OMS 3, which applies a proportional amount of seasoning to the product, while multiple conveyors allow for variable in-feed of product. For wet applications, the tna intelli-flav® CLO  features a true mass flow control system which ensures even coating and flavour distribution, proportionate to volume and speed of product throughput.  Re-circulation and a unique purging solution for clearing stoppages in pipe work mean that production demands remain unaffected.