Powell & Mahoney, Ltd., in collaboration with Leahy-IFP Co. - is now offering premium specialty cocktail mixers in aseptic carton packs from SIG Combibloc (sig.biz). It is currently available in classic flavors such as Margarita, Peach Bellini and Bloody Mary. “We are excited to bring our all-natural mixers to the foodservice arena,” says Powell & Mahoney co-founder Brian Powell. “We love cocktails! For over two decades, we have traveled the world, sampling the finest creations from the most talented and knowledgeable. And now we are able to introduce and share our clean, authentic flavors of American cocktail classics in lightweight and easy to use aseptic carton packs. The packaging is a revolution for the cocktail mixer category.”

Premium packaging for premium product

Since February, the delicious mixers have been available in the US market in the combiblocMaxi 46oz carton pack with the handy combiSwift screw cap. Brian Powell: “Our mixers will save time without sacrificing taste. The new line of foodservice packaging makes it affordable, quick and easy for bartenders to create consistently enjoyable cocktails anytime, anywhere.” The major strengths of carton packs are their convenience and their product protection qualities. Thanks to the gentle aseptic filling and packaging technology, the products retain their natural flavors and color and no preservatives are necessary. If left unopened, they have a long shelf-life, and require no refrigeration. Carton packs from SIG Combibloc are naturally BPA-free. In addition, carton packs are lightweight and have a convenient shape, so they are extremely efficient to transport, store, handle and dispose. 

Fruitful partnership with Leahy-IFP Co.

 The cocktail mixers from Powell & Mahoney, Ltd. are filled at Leahy-IFP Co. In the USA, Leahy-IFP is an established co-packer that specializes in the production of premium foodservice products and utilizing superior packaging solutions. For over 50 years, Leahy-IFP has set a standard for superlative products and customer service. Today Leahy-IFP’s products are available in all 50 states, Canada and the Caribbean through nearly 500 foodservice distributors. “At the end of the day it really comes down to what’s inside the box,” says Gifford Brown, Senior Director of Sales-Contract Packaging at Leahy-IFP. “We are excited to bring our gentle processing technology with a premium product that delivers exactly what operators are looking for; quality and consistency at an affordable price. All of the benefits of the package are merely a bonus.”