Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation, a member of the Shibuya Group and an industry leading manufacturer of customized automation systems machinery, unveils its smallest ever elevating prefeeder, the ET-02 Elevating Table Top Prefeeder.

Customers emphasized the need for a fully functional elevating prefeeder with a more compact foot print that can be mounted on top of an existing support table, thus the ET-02 was designed with those customers in mind.

The ET-02 comes equipped with the same features as our standard sized elevating prefeeders, but the table top unit is designed to handle a variety of small sized, light weight parts with both an adjustable base and head chute to accommodate small product loading and delivery variances.

The cost for the ET-02 Elevating Prefeeder will start at $4,200 and will also have additional options available which include elevator extensions, safety covers, hopper extensions and more