PS: Why is color management so important?

In today’s marketing centric world, businesses are not only selling products or services, but also their brand. Many brands are now valued at billions of dollars, increasing the importance of color management to maintain brand identity and power. Can you imagine if Coca-Cola routinely had packaging with different shades of their iconic red? Due to the immense value and importance of branding, companies need assurance that their packaging supplier has a process in place to ensure their colors are accurately and consistently depicted on their final product.


PS: What makes Flair’s Brand Color Management system effective?

Flair’s innovative BCM system was developed as a quantitative-based color management system designed to keep up with the growing importance of company brands and colors. The main goal of the BCM system is to manage the process with an objective standard, such as quantified color, rather than subjective color. Since the human eye has limitations on the amount of color that can be visually seen, translating colors into numerical values utilizing CIE L*a*b* values becomes a critical part of the process. When dealing with values instead of subjective perceptions, the color management process becomes objective and scientific.  Moreover, Flair provides customers with evaluation reports demonstrating color accuracy when printing their product.

Considering how difficult color management can be, it is easy to see why Flair’s BCM system is gaining attention in the marketplace. Flair is involved every step of the way, from artwork review and hard proofing to final printing and quantitative color evaluation.


PS: What steps make up the BCM system?

Spot colors and process image colors are carefully analyzed and customized where necessary to ensure proper reproduction. Electronic verification proofs, color match proofs, CIE L*a*b* value referencing, and multiple quality checks throughout help to control the process and deliver color consistency on each order. Once electronic and color match proofs have been approved, Flair works closely with the plants to ensure that cylinder engraving and printing are completed to stringent quality standards in creating the final product. 

BCM encompasses the entire print process and the design must go through many phases before becoming a finished product. In order to coordinate all of these aspects, an integrated system is needed that can manage all of these variables. Tested and rated highly by customers, the BCM process allows Flair to be deeply involved in matching the colors and final packaging arrangement to showcase customers’ product.


Bryan Saxe is Marketing Supervisor Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation

About Flair Flexible Packaging:

Flair ( is a fully integrated supplier of flexible film materials, technology, and design solutions for the food and non-food industries.  Flair prides itself on the ability to offer custom and stock bags, pouches, and roll stock films that fit the individual product needs of our customers.  Custom products are created by our award-winning design department and rotogravure printing capabilities, while Flair also retains a selection of commonly used packaging items for quick ordering and delivery.  A leader in the world of specialty food packaging, Flair’s engineering team has created a range of packaging materials designed to meet unique product, process, and shelf life demands for customers across many industries.