Cloud’s Enhanced Innovation Lab: Cloud will be discussing its enhanced Innovation Lab that has been expanded to improve new package testing and equipment customization to assist with customer’s requirements for speed-to-market. The Innovation Lab allows Cloud engineers to simulate production of the customer’s package design and help their designers optimize the system for the best results in actual production.

Dow Chemical’s new recyclable pouch: A Robert’s IMP Machine will be featured in AlliedFlex Booth S3814. The machine will be running samples of Dow Chemical’s new specialized 100% recyclable stand up pouch with unique stiffness and surface printing characteristics for standard and custom applications requiring environmentally friendly solutions

Robert’s/Ohlson Scale: Robert’s will exhibit the IMP intermittent motion horizontal fill-seal machine mated with Ohlson Packaging’s unique Weigher/Counter system at the top of the filling funnels. The scale actually counts by weight with propriety software which allows counting with extreme accurately providing a more cost effective solution than competing solutions. Both the Ohlson Weigher/Counter and the Robert’s IMP1500 can also be used for such fragile product applications as cookies, fresh fruit and frozen ravioli. The Robert’s IMP series offers flexibility in its ability to handle small packages of a few ounces to large packages greater than 15 pounds in a variety of styles.