The METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection Group, which includes Safeline X-ray and metal detection equipment, Hi-Speed checkweighers, CI-Vision machine vision systems and PCE pharmaceutcial serialization and aggregation systems, will exhibit at both PACK EXPO International and Pharma Expo in 2014. METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection companies will be demonstrating a number of new inspection systems in both of its booths.

Attendees can visit METTLER TOLEDO at PACK EXPO Booth S1706 and Pharma Expo Booth W776. A video link will enable visitors to each booth to view the equipment on exhibit at the other. In the PACK EXPO booth, METTLER TOLEDO will introduce its new Safeline X36 Series of X-ray inspection systems with a low energy generator for packaged or bulk products with customized material handling options. The X36 Series detects all types of dense physical contaminants and simultaneously checks the integrity of the product and seal, measures mass, and counts components.

METTLER TOLEDO Hi-Speed will introduce four new checkweighers. The new C3000 series delivers a throughput and accuracy increase of 33% for less waste in a flexible, space-saving design. Checkweighers in the PACK EXPO booth will be showcased in both standard and hygienic designs, as well as one unit with an integrated metal detector. A pharmaceutical model will be on display in the Pharma Expo booth.

METTLER TOLEDO PCE will showcase a complete serialization and aggregation system for applying and confirming the presence and validity of serialization and traceability codes in the Pharma Expo booth. This system generates, applies and confirms the readability and legitimacy of codes throughout the aggregation process, from individual cartons through to shipping cases.

In both booths, METTLER TOLEDO—now a member of OMAC—will stress its commitment to connectivity and data storage and retrieval, demonstrating connectivity via Ethernet IP, as well as METTLER TOLEDO's ProdX data collection system on various inspection machines. A variety of systems in both booths will be connected on the same network, demonstrating remote monitoring capability. ProdX facilitates the collection and storage of production data across multiple lines and facilities. All data is easily accessible and exportable to other systems, facilitating compliance with all regulatory requirements.