A new range of dessert toppings from leading Belgium manufacturer Colac is using a custom moulded 850ml multilayer bottle from RPC Promens Consumer NL in Kerkrade to deliver the ideal combination of long shelf life and on-shelf appeal.

The stylish bottle is finished in an eye-catching champagne colour to provide effective differentiation. An attractive waisted design, together with colourful labels and an embossed Colac logo in the curve of the bottle, complete the high impact appearance.

The bottle is blow moulded in PP/EVOH/PP, which protects the products against oxygen ingress to deliver an ambient shelf life of up to 24 months.

“This is an attractive pack that reflects our premium image while providing the required level of protection to ensure product quality is maintained,” says Geert Vermeersch of Colac.

Colac dessert toppings are available in a range of flavours, including cherry, banana, strawberry, chocolate and caramel. As an extra delicious twist, they can also be added to hot drinks for a tasty variation.