Sleeve Seal ( continues to break new ground with faster, more reliable, more accurate vertical sleeve labeling machines. The two-lane, dual synchronized head SSL-1600 provides unique speeds and can employ two independent functions for each labeling head. The drive train for the new SSL-1600 Vertical Sleeve Labeler has been re-engineered to reach and maintain a new level of performance - Top level engineering and experience win the race every time. The new belt based drive train requires fewer replacement parts long term and uses no lubrication. Quick, efficient transfer of power provides speed and precision. Sleeve Seal mandrels and cutter boxes are modular and provide quick-change parts for easy changeovers to different formats.

  • Up To 1600 Cpm with a Newly Designed Drive
  • Train Two Rugged and Indexable Multipurpose Heads
  • Improved and Precise Label Placement System
  • Integrated Ethernet/IP CIP Motion Based A-B Controls