As next-generation drugs require perfectly aligned manufacturing processes and packaging solutions, leading suppliers have announced the creation of the Matrix Alliance. Their mission is to bring to market complete and compelling solutions for aseptic filling, consisting of nest, stopper, cap and filling machinery to accelerate the adoption rate of breakthrough medicines.

The Alliance was formed on the initiative of Vanrx Pharmasystems ( with inaugural members ARaymond Life, Daikyo Seiko, Datwyler Group, Ompi, Schott AG, Schott Kaisha and SiO2 Medical Products. Each member brings unique knowledge and experience to the Alliance, as well as industry-leading products. As part of the collaboration, members will leverage the testing and certification of their combined offerings. The Alliance is also a forum providing strategic direction, education, and awareness of new aseptic packaging solutions within the membership and to the market.

The companies are collectively focused on pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging technologies, and have reached an agreement to work in four key areas:
Testing of new pre-sterilized container and nested closure systems for parenteral (injectable) medicines;

Ensuring the compatibility of components from different members;

Driving industry awareness of those solutions;

Collaborating on industry education regarding new medicine packaging solutions.

"The need for collaboration in this area arises from the increasing sophistication of manufacturing processes and packaging needed for next-generation parenteral pharmaceuticals. Emerging categories of complex, high-value injectable drugs share the need for innovation in fill / finish and packaging. We believe that collaboration will speed the path of new therapies to the market by our customers, the pharmaceutical companies," Alliance members said in a joint statement.