With an ever-expanding definition of what constitutes a snack food item, it is becoming increasingly important for brand owners to rethink their packaging approach. In fact, a recent Associated Press article made the bold statement that “there are no meals anymore, only snacks.”

To help snack food brands differentiate themselves and improve the customer experience, PaperWorks Industries, Inc. (paperwrks.com) announces ClubStak™, an innovative paper-based packaging solution designed to meet performance requirements and drive sales growth. 

ClubStak’s construction features an outer carton made from 100% coated recycled paperboard and an internal liner made with custom-selected, paper-based material to address specific snack food needs. The liner material is applied in a strategic orientation to add strength to the overall structure. The result is a crush-resistant package that offers similar performance attributes to corrugated—such as strength, rigidity and stackability—but offers the high-quality graphics appeal of a folding carton.

“Quality and value are the cornerstones of the ClubStak solution. In most cases PaperWorks can develop a customized solution that uses less material, looks better on-shelf, and offers a lower total cost while meeting the retailers’ performance requirements” said David Gray, director of packaging business development. “Further, the advantage of partnering with PaperWorks is our knowledge and expertise in consumer preferences, materials and package design. This frequently translates into improved economics.”

The reinforced carton structure can support holograms, film laminations, foil stamping and high-gloss coatings. Metallic, and other specialty inks, also can be used to heighten visual appeal. Because ClubStak is not fluted, there is no washboard printing effect, leaving behind only pristine, eye-popping graphics.

"Because packaging frequently elicits the consumer’s first reaction to your snack food brand, PaperWorks package designers use consumer insights to help create an improved overall experience. This results in greater sales opportunities for both the brand owner and retailer,” said Gray.

To aid in convenience, product marketing and merchandizing efforts, ClubStak is available with value-added display configurations and features, such as handles, easy-open/reclosable tear strips and wide access/vertical dispensing spouts.