VariBlend (variblend), the world leader in the manufacture of custom-blending, dual-dispensing technology, now offers five versions of its 40mm MidiMix variable dispenser, which opens a wide range of new product development options for beauty product brands and formulators.

The complete five-member family of 40mm dispensers from VariBlend recently debuted at Luxe Pack New York, the country’s foremost creative packaging exhibition for high-end consumer products. This extended range of five patented 40mm MidiMix variable dispenser options delivers custom blending capability for cosmetics and personal care products that require small-to-medium dosages.

The 40mm family includes these options: Variable, which permits any setting and mix; Regimen, for daily or weekly treatment and varying mix (e.g., Week 1 80/20, Week 2 60/40, etc.); A or B Simple Select, for A or B only at 100 percent, for “before/after” treatments; Fixed Ratio 50/50, which now includes a locking position; and Super Select, which allows a choice of A or B (Simple Select), or 50/50.

As a result, end-users benefit from total custom-blending of colors and scents, varying strengths and intensities, separation of ingredients and more. The 40mm family is available in a variety of bottle sizes (such as 15, 20 and 30ml) as well as airless and non-airless, with nozzle combinations that include single-, dual- and spout-nozzle.

“Our MidiMix dispensing platform offers exceptional return on investment, builds brands and delivers true consumer value-added,” says company President and CEO, Robert Brands. “With five versions now available, our MidiMix represents VariBlend’s core value proposition: innovative, high-performance dispensing solutions that open new product development, and deliver reliability, protection and precise application. It is exactly the type of dispensing that delights consumers and helps cut through today’s new product clutter.”