Nulogy (, the leading provider of enterprise cloud solutions for the contract packaging industry, announces the completion of a $14 million investment by Tola Capital. Tola Capital, a venture capital firm with deep knowledge in enterprise software platforms and products, invests in next-generation enterprise software companies. As part of this round, Aaron Fleishman of Tola Capital joins Nulogy’s Board of Directors.

“Nulogy serves a tremendous need within the supply chain,” says Sheila Gulati, managing director of Tola Capital. “As a global leader in its category, Nulogy enables the network of brands, contract packagers and manufacturers with software and data to launch and promote products more efficiently. Nulogy has established a unique position in the market by creating a solution that drives operational efficiency, provides analytics, and enables faster speed to market for brands and their supplier networks. At Tola, we believe in building enduring enterprise software businesses. We are proud to partner with the Nulogy team.”

Nulogy’s platform offers brands and their network of suppliers an unprecedented level of collaboration, control and visibility over their supply chains. Nulogy’s deep focus on the contract packaging industry has resulted in purpose-built solutions that solve contract packaging challenges in production control and better coordination with customers.

“We have always focused on purpose-built solutions for this market, which has been underserved by enterprise software providers for a long time,” says Jason Tham, CEO of Nulogy. “We couldn’t be happier to have Tola’s team and network join us, as Tola’s unique long-term investment philosophy aligns very well with our values. The Tola investment is a signal to our global customer base and the market that we are here to be long-term partners poised to deliver unprecedented value, and to further accelerate our investment in technology and services to make our customers even more successful.”

Nulogy began developing innovative solutions for contract packagers over a decade ago, and pioneered the ability to automate a highly complex part of the supply chain. Today, customers like ARI Packaging, DHL, and Kellogg’s reap the benefits of this R&D, with the availability of real-time production management, planning and scheduling, big data discovery, and customer integration.

“Our long-term focus remains in building solutions to enable networks of supply chain partners to work together more effectively in bringing complex and custom products to consumers,” explains Kevin Wong, head of product at Nulogy. “Our platform serves brands and co-pack suppliers to this end, and we are extremely excited to partner with Tola to increase the speed at which we can build on that foundation.”