Excelling in the highest quality productions for packaging, Korozo (korozo.com) now launches its most economical solution for film consumption. Korozo Pre-Stretch film is a multi-layer cast stretch film that is made to be thinner and stronger than standard stretch film. This multi-layered stretch film has special characteristics that increase stretch resistance and strengthen load holding for transport. Ultimately, this produces less environmental waste since the operator consumes less material during usage.

The benefits of pre-stretch film include:

  • Cast or blown-extruded
  • High performance; puncture and tear resistance at thinner thickness
  • Reinforced edges to provide load-holding force
  • Easy to wrap, save of workforce
  • Enviromentally friendly and easily recyclable

The results are clear:

  • Less film consumption and thus lower packaging and waste disposal costs
  • More metres per roll for reduced storage space and fewer roll changes during processing
  • High retention forces for best pallet stability

For more, visit korozo.com.