Cognex Corporation (, a leader in machine vision, will be demonstrating its latest 3D vision, barcode reading, and inspection systems in Booth # S-2878 at the upcoming PACK EXPO.

The highlight of this year’s exhibit will be demonstrations of Cognex’s DS1000 series of 3D displacement sensors, which address 3D applications that demand high resolution and expanded measurement range, such as measuring height, volume and tilt of parts. Several DS1000 series applications will be demonstrated at Pack Expo, including:

  • Portion Control. A robot-mounted DS1300 with VC5 Vision Controller will scan trays to calculate the volume of dispensed food, and confirm that the volume of food in individual food trays meets users’ defined tolerance. The contrast-independent solution works on all tray colors. Key benefits of this application include the elimination of customer complaints caused by insufficient food portions in the tray and high-accuracy volume calculation of food portions in tray.
  • High Accuracy, Dual-Head Seal Inspection. Two DS1101 sensors mounted on a linear stage moving at demo speed of 40mm sec (production speed is 1.5m per sec) will demonstrate flexible calibration, with the two opposing and coordinated DS sensors and two frustums establishing common inspection planes to generate a 0.5mm² size defects and bag seal thickness measurement. Key benefits of this solution include the elimination of spoiled food product reaching consumers by detecting broken vacuum seals and the detection of open air channels and food debris in the seal.

Cognex’s exhibit will also feature demonstrations of its DataMan® fixed-mount and handheld barcode readers. The DataMan 260’s ability to read severely damaged codes will be showcased along with a demonstration of high-speed 1-D and 2-D label reading and Java scripting abilities using the DataMan 8050 and 8050X.

Cognex’s In-Sight® series of vision solutions will also be represented with demonstrations highlighting the benefits of assembly and labeling verification: 

  • A high-speed, Code-In-Motion demonstration reading 1100 water bottles per minute will showcase the speed and capability of two different Cognex platforms.   
  • A new color vision sensor will verify the presence of a label on a product and confirm that the label matches the correct package color. The demonstration will highlight the sensor’s ability to tolerate positional/rotational variation on labels and to accurately differentiate between similar colors during the inspection.