One click, one dose. It’s a new lipstick gesture that consumers will love. Click Stylo from Quadpack ( offers an innovative delivery system for lip color. Where lipstick tends to be actuated with a twist, this stick uses a click button that doses just enough color for a single application.

Click, apply, tuck it into your handbag. Whether used for lip, face or eye color (ie, concealer, creamy eyeshadow or primer), it’s fun to use and looks great, too. Click Stylo is an elegant, slimline pen with a cup size of 6.8mm and a long, slender silhouette. Its small size makes it eminently portable, the ideal make-up companion for beauty on the go.

The stick has passed airtight tests according to Quadpack’s protocol. With all components in ABS, this makes it perfect for long-lasting formulas containing volatile silicones.

An aluminium shell can be added to add a touch of real luxury. In fact, brands can achieve any look they desire using a host of decoration options such as silk screening, hot stamping, heat transfer, spray coating and metallizing.

Click Stylo is part of Quadpack’s family of flow pens, which offers a wide range of twist and click systems and a choice of applicators.