Bannex International Inc. ( is a full-service, global supplier of sustainable, high-quality packaging materials, equipment and services. It supplies glass packaging, metal closures, plastic closures and capping equipment for a variety of food and beverage applications.

Servicing the Latin American food and beverage industry for more than 30 years, Bannex provides easy-to-open closures that combine beauty, sustainable design and superior materials, resulting in a consistent, quality product.

These technologically inspected, high-quality closures enable users to reliably seal packages and guarantee extended shelf life with the highest standards of food safety. Bannex has the technical expertise to supply the proper closure for the application requirements of your product and can customize that closure to enhance brand positioning.

Bannex sells steam vacuum sealing equipment, cap elevators and dud detectors, all designed to allow customers to apply metal closures to glass containers with repeated, consistent and quality results. Bannex-supplied capping machinery delivers various benefits for easy installation, setup and maintenance. The equipment provides superior functionality while utilizing all stainless steel materials for durability and easy cleanup. These machines offer fast changeover, adaptability to individual packaging requirements, accessibility for cleaning and maintenance, built-in safety features to prevent injuries, and exceptional vacuum sealing performance.

Service and maintenance is an important part of who Bannex is. The company can assist with initial installation and training and then provide replacement parts, service parts and continuing staff assistance. Bannex also can recommend the measurements needed for proper cap application and can assist in scheduling the maintenance of the machinery to keep production running.

"For food and beverage processors, we are the one-stop shop," says Gene Nordby, president, Bannex International Inc. "We provide the glass jars, closures and capping machinery to package your products. What's more, we offer the service and maintenance to get your project up and running and keep it that way."

Bannex International Inc. is a trusted service provider with proven experience in the Latin American market and can help with your packaging needs.