Companies looking for sophisticated packaging for a gourmet offering or upscale, quality home goods product need look no further than Bannex International Inc. 

Bannex ( is proud to be the sole importer of Le Parfait, the French brand of high-end glass jars used within several market segments, including the specialty foods industry. The glass jars are perfect for preserving, storing and serving everything from honey and pates to preserves, vegetables and gourmet sauces. They also enhance the presentation of candles, baked goods mixes, personal care products and giftware.  Possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

Le Parfait glass jars and terrines – custom-manufactured and hand-assembled in France since 1930 – attract attention on retail shelves because their high-quality glass is as unique as any product revealed inside. The brand marries iconic French culinary expertise with handcrafted design and "is especially perfect for gourmet foods," says Bill Nordby, business development director of Bannex. "No other package delivers such an artisan, gourmet and French culinary impression."

Le Parfait product lines allow packaging choices for other diverse uses as well, since they offer various styles and sizes. The Super glass jars, with a glass lid with rubber gasket and metal closing system, make possible a hermetically sealed container for food storage, maintaining optimal freshness.  Screw-top jars and jam jars and pots are excellent for pickling and preserving. The Familia Wiss line with its two-piece metal lid system is excellent for home preserving in a way that is common in the Americas. 

The glass jars created by Le Parfait also can play a role in do-it-yourself projects, or add an artistic touch to home furnishing decor or storage of household items. No matter what its packaging use, Le Parfait is immediately recognized for quality and stands out among other industrial, non-boutique products. In addition to the glass' quality and artisan feel, this natural material means the product inside retains its original character. As a bonus, the packaging can be re-used indefinitely.

Whether a company is in the specialty and gourmet foods industry or is looking to package items for the home, Le Parfait can boost any product's presentation while preserving its integrity.

The quality assurance team at Le Parfait offers 80 years of expertise with product specifications, quality control and assembly, ensuring the final product meets or exceeds government and industry requirements.