PinnPACK, a thermoforming company that specializes in sustainable food packaging, has acquired the rights as the exclusive North American manufacturer and distributor of DeLight Ltd.’s first-of-its-kind hybrid foodservice tray. With this partnership, PinnPACK brings the dual ovenable hybrid tray, made from renewable paper sources and enhanced with plastic polymers, to North American markets.

Compared to current pressed paperboard products, the DeLight tray provides improved sealability and functionality. It is the first MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) paper-based tray. In addition to its barrier properties, the tray can withstand microwave, conventional oven and freezer applications.

“Our customer base is extremely excited about this offering. Beyond the fact that this expands our portfolio, allowing us the ability to become a full-spectrum provider of food packaging, we are now helping our customers differentiate themselves from the commoditized CPET (Crystallized PET) and PP (Polypropylene) trays," said Jason Farahnik, director of the new PinnPACK division.

PinnPACK, based in Southern California, is an innovator in packaging for agriculture and bakery items, highlighted by its use of post-consumer recycled PET. It is a subsidiary of CarbonLITE, the world’s largest bottle-to-bottle recycling company, where more than 4 billion plastic bottles are recycled annually. PinnPACK is the only thermoforming company with its own exclusive stream of rPET post-consumer resin.

“It’s important for us to approach the issue of sustainability head on to help preserve natural resources. By using DeLight, customers are able to reduce their overall packaging requirements. The ability to print high-quality images directly on the tray eliminates the need for carton sleeves and boxes, a significant value proposition moving forward," Farahnik added.