With its parent company Doosan Group’s heritage of engineering excellence in Korea, Doosan Robotics has created the next generation of cobots and has rolled out its flagship lineup in North America. The versatile lineup of collaborative robots (cobots) in North America follows its successful launch and reception in European markets.

Engineered to meet the needs of today’s automation market, Doosan cobots have been particularly popular in France and Italy due to their strong capabilities and intuitive and easy application. The four cobot models in the new range enable customers to experience safe, versatile and easy-to-use automation.

The ergonomically designed cobots offer a working radius of 35.4 to 66.9 inches (900 to 1,700 millimeters) and a load capacity of 13.2 to 33.1 pounds (6 to 15 kilograms). They are equipped with their own proprietary torque sensors on all six joints, providing the industry’s best collision sensitivity. The technology of the torque sensors also enables the robots to be used in diverse applications that utilize advanced force and compliance control algorithms.

Powered by a teach pendant — a human-centered touchscreen control embedded with Doosan software — the cobots are intuitive to teach and easy to operate.