Overnight Labels Inc. (overnightlabels.com) introduces blister card backing to address customers' expanding packaging needs. Blister card backing comes in an array of shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety of retail products which makes the product standout to the consumer while giving the end product a high gloss presentation.

Overnight Labels can print up to seven colors on blister card backing and up to 12 pt. board on foil or paper materials. Blister card backing is ideal for vitamin supplement stand alone cards in a convenience store environment. It can also be used for any other item packaged with PVC and used in a hanging display by incorporating a die-cut hang hole into the top of each card. This allows a greater space for graphics and instructions on the front and back of the card.

Overnight Labels serves a wide range of industries including nutraceutical, pet, food, beverage, cosmetics, household products and more.