What happens when you remove all the hassle from coding and marking? You get Redimark, the remarkably simple solution. We’ve made the entire process easier: convenient online ordering. Fast, DIY installation. Intuitive operation and mess-free ink replacement.

We think Mike Weksler, co-owner of Green Bottling, summed it up best, “Since we began using the Redimark TC12 coder, we have been able to save one and a half to two hours every day. We used to spend that much time just setting up and breaking down the costlier small character date coders we previously used.”

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Redimark so easy to use every step of the way.

Step 1: Purchase

Order a coder online? Absolutely

Have you ever ordered anything online? Of course you have. Everyone enjoys the speed and convenience of online ordering. So why can’t you order a date coder online?

Well, now you can purchase your Redimark TC12 coder and inks yourself, any time you want.

Choose the right ink, every time

Wondering if the Redimark TC12 will work for your particular needs? Answer just a few questions from our online Product Advisor, and we’ll guide you to the ink that fits you best. Then add it to your cart and check out.

With Redimark online ordering, you’ll enjoy:

  • Low introductory price on the TC12 coder
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Order your coder and inks today at redimark.com and you’ll be producing fast, accurate codes in no time!

Step 2: Installation

So simple, it practically installs itself

“We had the coder out of the box, set up, and ready to experiment within less than an hour,” said John Mandak, owner of Valos Chocolates.

Installing your Redimark coder is a breeze. It ships fully assembled. No need to hire an expensive technician. Just open the box and follow the simple instructions to connect it to your production line. Now you’re ready to start coding!

Step 3: Smooth Operation

Using your Redimark coder

The touchscreen controller that comes with the Redimark TC12 can help anyone produce accurate date codes. The intuitive interface is easy to master. It connects to the cloud, so you can store and retrieve codes and more.

There’s even a smartphone app. You can snap photos of your products, name them and associate them with a printer. Store them in a library in the cloud and refer to them later for easy product selection.

Maintenance? What maintenance?

Redimark’s simple design means it’s easy to use and has no maintenance. 

Because the Redimark TC12 uses mess-free cartridges that include both the ink and the print head, every time you replace the cartridge, you get a new, clean print head.

You can even be alerted when your ink runs low. Using your Redimark Account, sign up to receive email or text notifications on your phone. When the ink starts to run out, you’ll get a message, then simply pop in a new cartridge. After, you can hop on to redimark.com to order more ink.

And if you do run into any issues, we’ve also got a whole library of FAQs, documents and videos at redimark.com to show you how to get the most out of your coder. You can chat with us online or call our support line.

Take the simple approach to date coding

For anyone who’s ever wondered if there’s an easier way to code and mark their products, Redimark offers a more reliable, more affordable solution. Take advantage of our introductory offer at redimark.com: just $995 for the Redimark TC12 coder. And don’t forget we offer free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Try Redimark today and enjoy simple coding and marking from start to finish.