Videojet Technologies (, a global leader in coding, marking and variable data printing solutions, announces that John Folkers, chief technology officer, and Jessica Wettstein, director of product planning, will be presenting a Learning Lab workshop during Back End of Innovation (BEI) 2017 in Orlando, Oct. 23-25, at Rosen Shingle Creek. BEI brings together engineering professionals from across the country to discuss best practices in innovation implementation.

The Learning Lab, “Ready, Set, Innovate: How Videojet Built an Innovation Engine to Double its Growth Rate,” will be held on Tuesday, October 24, from 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm EST.

Growing a company year after year is not a happy accident, but the result of the purposeful alignment of strategy, organization, processes and technology. This Learning Lab session will reveal how Videojet centered its business on innovation to sustainably grow. Participants will learn why investing in R&D process excellence is critical, hear about ways to structure an organization to identify innovation opportunities and find out methods to accelerate innovation and growth from Videojet.

Through experiential exercises and guided critical thinking activities, participants in the Learning Lab workshop will have the opportunity to engage with practical concepts and apply them to their individual organizations with the coaching of Folkers and Wettstein, two expert innovation leaders from Videojet.

“Both the front and back ends of the innovation process are critical,” says Folkers. “You need to do the legwork upfront to identify unmet needs of customers, but equally you must also do the heavy lifting of delivering it to the customer. This means building a team of motivated and proven professionals and developing the next generation of innovators.”

Wettstein adds, “By creating organizational structures where some employees focus on the future while others focus on the present, companies can ensure that they are striking the right balance between creating a vision for the future and maintaining efficient processes.”