Berry Global ( has received a Gold Award for Best Sustainable Tube from the Tube Council North America at the 2017 Tube of the Year Awards on February 6. The award-winning laminated tube for Fetch…for Pets’ licensed Burt’s Bees for dogs Paw and Nose Relieving Lotion is Berry’s first commercialized tube using post-consumer resin (PCR) yielding a max 57 to 62 percent, excluding the closure and depending on tube diameter and length.

The Burt’s Bees tube specifically contains 60 percent PCR, excluding the closure. This was achieved by combining 53 percent PCR in the tube sleeve and 75 percent PCR in the shoulder. This PCR amount allows the tube to meet all the same quality, performance and processing standards as their non-PCR tubes. 

With the new tubes, Berry has been able to increase the maximum PCR percentage by more than five times with the new material blend and added PCR to the tube shoulder for the first time. “Since most tubes in the market contain 0 percent PCR, the introduction of a tube with up to 62 percent PCR helps brands make inroads on their sustainability goals” said Rebecca Vara, vice president of sales – Personal Care.  

As a vertically integrated tube manufacturer, Berry makes their own laminate sheet, allowing them to control the amount of PCR used in each layer of the sheet. The new tube was introduced in 2017 and was manufactured and printed completely by Berry.