Rapak North America (rapak.com), part of DS Smith Plastics, has launched the Autokap 1700 series, a small footprint liquid filling machine that holds the bag fixed during the filling process. The machine is ideal for hot and cold, fresh and stable liquids.

The fixed fill head on the Autokap 1700 filling machine for Bag-in-Box is a departure from the 1200 series machine, in which the bag raises and lowers during the filling process. When using the Autokap 1700, since the bag is in a fixed position, the cap gripper and fill nozzle raise and lower as required to fill and recap the bag. 

The 1700 keeps the bag stationary during filling reducing product splash and strain on the bag spout seal. It can also increase the overall speed if used with a properly sized feed pump, says the company.

In addition, the Autokap 1700 filling machine for Bag-in-Box accepts bags into the machine spout leading, and utilizes a servo drive for the bag infeed system. This servo system has been used for many years on the Rapak Autokap 1200 liquid filling machines and allows for smooth precise bag positioning. This system is extremely reliable in its operation with very little downtime or maintenance required.