CSP Technologies Inc. (csptechnologies.com), a leader in packaging solutions that ensure product protection, enhance brand recognition and improve consumer experiences, has partnered with aseptic sampling specialist QualiTru Sampling Systems to develop TruDraw, a single-use aseptic sampling system for sampling of liquid dairy products. The product virtually eliminates the risk of external exposure, ensuring sampling accuracy.

Comprised of a disposable blue cap with a sterile 2-oz. container, TruDraw provides the highest possible protection against environmental exposure affecting a sample’s accuracy. The aseptic sampling system also incorporates a tamper-evident seal, offering product sampling security. 

TruDraw is easy to use, with drawing and storing a sample intentionally simplified to allow effortless handling even in inclement weather.  The sampler just twists the system’s blue cap into alignment with the vial’s tab and hinge, and then presses down on the blue cap until it pierces through the vial’s lid. After removing the needle’s safety cover, TruDraw is inserted into the sampling septum, and product is drawn into the container.  Once filled, the sampling person removes and discards the blue cap, with the sample securely and aseptically sealed until the tamper-evident label is broken at the testing facility.