Repack Canada ( has acquired two automated systems: an automatic cartoner and a bagging system, striving for speed and optimum customer service for all packaging services.

“We’re all about the packaging, regardless of what that packaging is,” said Carol Levy, President of Repack Canada. “If we’re packaging up that product to be on shelf, if we’re packaging up the product to ship to your customer, the package is key.”

Repack Canada’s current portfolio of automated services includes shrinkwrapping, bundle wrapping, high speed labeling, flow wrapping, inkjet coding, box taping, box strapping and semi-automatic heat sealing.

Recognizing the advantages of a more rapid method of filling product into packaging, Repack Canada reacted to market demand by putting machinery into place that will service their customers’ needs today.

The Langen auto cartoner allows Repack to produce kits, sets of non-food or pre-packaged food items into retail boxes. Folding boxes are automatically formed, manually filled, and then automatically closed and glued. Home goods, pre-packaged food, cosmetics, pet supplies, liquor and more — a multitude of industries can be served with Repack’s Auto Cartoning capabilities.

The SidePouch bagging system automatically seals and trims and labels bags after they are filled. This particular machine gives Repack’s clients bag style options with reclosable zippers, resealable flaps and easy-open perforations, plain or pre-printed. Repack’s system also integrates an AutoLabel imprinter for quality inline imprinting. The company anticipates projects from such industries as cosmetics, health and beauty aids, automotive replacement parts, hardware, lawn and garden replacement parts, pet supplies and more.