Omron Corp. ( introduces a new line of SCARA robots, boasting sleek design and enhanced performance. The i4 new generation of SCARA robot will save space during installation and allow easier configuration into existing production lines. According to the company, the i4 is fast, repeatable, easy to operate and flexible for multiple configurations and applications.

The i4 line features better communication through EtherCAT, enabling synchronization between other automation devices. This facilitates advanced assembly, inserting and mounting processes that require high accuracy and demanding throughput, as well as ensured quality control with vision integration.

Also, i4 visualizes working data and supervises its status with the world’s first built-in signals for preventive maintenance, allowing users to mitigate unplanned downtime. In keeping with Omron’s mission to innovate based on social need like the above, the features of the i4 makes it possible for this new SCARA line to meet the demands of mass customization, allowing manufacturers to produce high mixes of products at  low volume to offer a wider array of goods to people.

Special models include the IP65, Clean Room ISO 4 (Class 10), ESD and models that use H1 grease.The i4 will also come with an inverted model that has the same design.