Brother Gearmotors  ( a division of Brother International Corp., has entered the cannabis market with the incorporation of AC Induction motors into a premium cannabis dry trimming machine. 

Brother gearmotors are cost-effective, compact and long lasting, and offer several advantages including:

  • Virtually maintenance free; lubricated and sealed for life
  • Extremely configurable; several shaft configurations and custom options available
  • High efficiency, further enhanced with quiet helical and hypoid gearing

The GreenBroz Dry Trimmer Z features a patented design that ensures gentle rolling of cannabis flowers, and a trim functionality allowing material to maintain its curves and unique shape throughout the trimming process. The machine is quiet, as its 40-watt conveyor motor produces minimal noise and requires no vacuums or large attachments. The patented blade design enables trimming at 8-12 lbs. per hour.

“The cannabis industry just makes sense for us. Our power range is from 1/50th HP to 3HP and this is exactly what this industry is using for their processing equipment. Also, our ability to offer different technologies, like Brushless DC, AC induction and Permanent Magnet motors will help machine builders select the ideal gearmotor for their application needs," said Matthew Roberson, vice president of Brother Gearmotors.