Koia has launched Koia Keto, a beverage containing ingredients specifically for consumers following a ketogenic (keto) eating plan.

The new line will feature three indulgent flavors anyone with a sweet tooth will appreciate, including Chocolate Brownie, Cake Batter and Caramel Crème. In addition to providing a convenient, ready-to-drink option, Koia Keto helps provide a fast source of clean fuel for the body and brain.

Each ketogenic drink contains 12g of plant protein, 0g of added sugar, and MCT oil that is packed with 14g of medium chain triglycerides. Koia Keto is made with the perfected ratio of 74 percent fat, 18 percent protein, and 8 percent carbs to help accelerate ketosis.

Now you can quite literally have your cake and eat it too (and not get kicked out of ketosis). 

“Koia’s inspiration has always been rooted in the power of plants. For our new Koia Keto line, we amplified the performance aspects often associated with the keto lifestyle, by using a black cap and trade dress. This, paired with the new diagonal architecture behind the brand identity, differentiate the keto tems from the core Koia products, which has a more organic "u" shape architecture. Most importantly, black supports the new indulgent flavors," said Koia's brand agency, Interact (interactbranding.com).

The packaging in the rigid plastic 12 oz. bottles for Koia Keto include a full-shrink label. 

Find the product line in Whole Foods and other select retailers.